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Stampy and Sling by pokemon-eversole
Stampy and Sling
Stampy and Sling from Beast Wars Neo came in the mail recently. They're starting to grow on me, and they're small enough to sit in the space next to my computer at college so I decided to take a little pic to show you guys what they're up to. 
Manta Ray by pokemon-eversole
Manta Ray
Beast Wars Manta Ray. Played around with her design, took some liberties. Then I messed with different styles and colors to see which one I liked better. I couldn't decide, so how about you leave a comment telling me which one you think is best?
Dr. Eggman by pokemon-eversole
Dr. Eggman
Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik from the Sonic franchise. I just got bored on day and decided to sketch him, then ultimatesketchqueen.deviantart… was generous enough to do the lines for me in a computer program, and then I took it back and gave it some semblance of color. 


Steven Eversole
United States
I am an enormous GEEK. I have almost all of the Pokemon games, have hundreds of the Pokemon figures, own over 200 Transformers, have Beast Wars and G1 on dvd, love Red Dwarf and Doctor Who, and can actually understand and keep track of every character and power in Bleach.

My chatroom…
Name: Charles Marcone
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: white

Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 154 pounds

Guild: Blue Pegasus
Class: Guild Master

Appearance: An average man in terms of height and build. he has platinum blonde hair, which he claims to be natural. He has very light blue eyes. His nails are usually painted to match his eyes. He wears almost skin-tight clothing, the pants of which are very skimpy and form fitting, showing his Guild Symbol on his right hip as well as emphasizing certain... aspects of himself. He doesn't wear a shirt, but instead has a small, leather jacket which is always left unbuttoned, showing of his fairly muscled chest and stomach. Around his neck he wears a spiked, leather collar. His teeth are perfect and shocking white. He wears  leather boots with just the tiniest bit of heel. He also wears fingerless leather gloves.
Guild Symbol Location: right hip, half of it showing over his pants.

Personality: A very, very dominant person. He is always giving a half smirk to people. He is a very meticulous person, bordering on perfectionism. He is usually calm but can ave violent mood swings if angered or if something doesn't go as planned.

Likes: Being in charge. Leather. Semi-sadistic humor. Money.
Dislikes: Losing composure. Not being dominant. Abusive people.

Battle Strengths: very powerful and versatile when outside. He's very calm. Excels at hand-to-hand combat with his scythe.

Battle Weaknesses: Powerless without his scythe/staff. He finds it hard to focus on multiple skilled opponents. It is difficult for him to deal with ranged opponents that work as snipers.

Weapons (if applicable): His staff/scythe: while it is mainly used to channel and supply his magic, it is also a scythe, so you know what he can do with that.

Physical Strength: 80
Magic Power: 100
Weaponry: 100
Defense: 80
Speed:  90
Stamina: 95
Total: 545/600

Magic Type: Holder Magic
Magic Definition: Storm Magic.  By using this Magic, the user has control over winds, clouds and lightning. This Magic has been called to have mastery over natural phenomena.

Magic Abilities: Allows control of wind, rain, hail, snow, lightning, ect. Can control the tide to certain extents. The stronger the weather effect,the shorter the duration. Example: a  rainstorm could last the whole battle, but a hurricane would only last a second.

Tornado: 1, duration 5 seconds
Lightning: 3, duration justa few milliseonds, but once these are gone he can summon more
Hailstorm: duration up to 30 minutes
Snowstorm/rainstorm: Duration up to an hour
Tsunami: takes at least 60 seconds to summon, only lasts a single wave
Sleetstorm: duration of up to 20 minutes
Freezing wind/Ice formation: Lasts 10 seconds, but freezes any water in the area
Hurricane: requires a minute of channeling time, and only lasts a second
Earthquake/Fissure formation: requires a channel time of 30 second, lasts for the same amount of time

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